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What is GST Digital ?

GSTN provides 3 options to file GSTR

1. Online – Users can do GST preparation for their data and do online filing

2. Offline – Users can load their data to an offline tool to get a file and do offline filing

3. API based – Users can load their data to ASP which does

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an automated GSTR filing via GSPs

ASP – Application Software Provider – ASPs facilitate further easy filing of GSTR by converting the raw data from the tax payers, validating the data,reconciling any mismatches and filing GSTR via GSPs.  ASPs will

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act as a link between the taxpayers and the GSPs.

GSP –  GST  Suvidha Provider – Users or tax payers can access GSTN only via GSPs who are authorised by GSTN . TaxPayers or Individuals can file their returns through GSPs.

GST Digital is an API based ASP which works both on premise and on cloud.

How does GST Digital work?